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Upgrading from an iPhone X to an Xs or Xs Max is not very wise apparently

By Samuel Martinez September 18, 2018, 12:01 pm
SIM-free iPhone XS

Many people are dying to get a new iPhone Xs or an Xs Max and they haven’t had the time to read the opinion of experts that can always help when deciding whether to spend $1000 or more on a smartphone. The good thing is that opinions have already started to pour and they all coincide that if you have an iPhone X, the best thing to do is to wait.

The iPhone Xs is clearly better than the iPhone X, well in some parts. The main improvements over last year’s model are that this one provides a better sound and it takes better pictures. Yes, that’s it, well if you leave out the dual eSIM capabilities that not everybody needs. The other improvements come if you buy the Xs Max, as you would be getting a larger screen. Another thing to take into consideration is that Apple is making devices last longer and therefore it’s not necessary to upgrade every year, and this is not bad news for Apple since they are ensuring that their customers will buy a new iPhone device whenever they feel like getting a new phone.

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