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Upgrade your home for under $30 with these accessories

By Pocketnow Digital Offers June 3, 2020, 11:00 pm

If you’ve been spending a bit more time than usual at home lately, you’re far from alone—thanks to a series of social distancing rules and restrictions that have kept millions of Americans out of the office and on the sofa. So why not make the best of an odd situation by outfitting your humble abode with these best-selling and top-rated home additions and accessories, each of which is on sale for a limited time?

1. Color Changing Smart A19 LED Light Bulb

MSRP: $25 | Sale Price: $19.99 (20% off)

Save money while saving the planet with these best-selling and supremely cool smart bulbs. You’ll be able to enjoy no less than 1,600 colors and eight scene options for any environment, and it’s easy to control the bulb from a simple app or through voice commands.


2. Amplified Flat HDTV Antenna

MSRP: $47 | Sale Price: $19.99 (57% off)

This powerful HDTV antenna will help you cut the cord once and for all, thanks to a 50-mile range and a discrete design. You’ll have access to a much wider range of broadcast TV frequencies than you would with a standard HD antenna, and it’s easy to set up right out of the box.

3. Alpha JX Bidet Seat with Remote

MSRP: $499 | Sale Price: $448.99 (10% off)

Take your bathroom hygiene to new heights of cleanliness with this remote bidet seat. Boasting an LED nightlight and warm air dryer, this all-in-one toilet seat is a must-have addition for any home.

4. Multi-Function Waterproof LED Lights

MSRP: $58 | Sale Price: $42.99 (25% off)

Ideal for everything from tail lights and fancy dinners to emergencies and beyond, these multi-function LEDs offer 10 hours of powerful light in any situation. They’re fully waterproof, and also come with three individual modes that can be used for mood lighting during a romantic evening in.

5. XC Security Camera

MSRP: $60 | Sale Price: $43.99 (26% off)

Keep an eye on your loved ones and your belongings with this HD security camera. Featuring 360-degrees of panning along with motion and sound detection, this powerful and stylish cam fits in perfectly with any decor.

6. Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler

MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $76.99 (13% off)

Measure anything from flat surfaces to curved objects with this tiny-yet-mighty digital ruler. You won’t have to worry about carrying a traditional bulky tape measure around with you wherever you go, and an HD display makes it easy to get results in seconds.

7. Mini UV-C Sterilizer Light for Toilets & Trash Cans

MSRP: $40 | Sale Price: $31.99 (20% off)

This mini sterilizer light will help your bathroom (or trash can) stay both clean and visible at night—thanks to an all-in-one design that delivers powerful UV sanitation that kills a wide range of unseen bacteria and germs.

8. Monster Mounts™ Home Theater TV LED Backlight Kit

MSRP: $20 | Sale Price: $14.99 (25% off)

Improve your overall TV-watching experience with this specialized LED backlight. With no less than 16 static colors to choose from, you’ll be able to add contrast to your screen while reducing eye fatigue. This cinematic game-changer is also incredibly easy to assemble and can be powered by a simple USB connection.

Prices are subject to change.


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