Up to 12 million iPhone X pre-orders at the start, but will the mountain crumble?

Chinese customers may have made the majority of iPhone X pre-orders during the opening weekend.

Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang believes that the first three days of sales activity brought between 9 million and 12 million pre-orders for the iPhone that starts at $999. Amazingly, 6.5 million of those are coming from China — though we don’t know how many of them actually paid cash money for the reservation and the bulk of the activity was in the first day.

While some could quit their purchase at any point between now and delivery time, Chinese and Hong Kong resellers have been more committed to programmatic pre-orders — that means the small stalls and the travelling sales force will be out in remote areas to make at least a sliver of a cut.

That said, demand has not blown the shipping wait times up beyond 5-6 weeks — though analysts debate whether Apple’s reported timeframe is accurate at all as early deliveries have been made. And with Zhang forecasting production to not meet demand until at least early-to-mid December, there’s plenty of quit to go around with these pre-orders. And again, this purported data covers the first three days of pre-orders.

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