Google exec talks about unreleased phone. Pixel 3a or Pixel 4?

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google Senior Vice President for Android, among other things, said on Twitter that he took pictures with an unreleased phone. What he took pictures of is really irrelevant, though you can check them out in his tweet below. What is relevant though is that he snapped the stills using an unreleased phone.

While it’s totally possible that Google is already testing the Pixel 4, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pixel 3a, aka the Pixel 3 Lite. It should come in a duo, like the regular version, including the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL. We’ve seen numerous reports, rumors, and even leaks surrounding these “affordable” Pixel 3 phones, but an announcement is still missing.

Getting back to the initial idea that this could be a very early Pixel 4 prototype being tested, that’s also a possibility. Even though it’s a tad early, with the Pixel 3 being announced in November, it is not unusual for manufacturers to start testing upcoming devices six or seven months before their debut. Huawei admitted that it is already testing the Mate 30, and that’s an October phone, so, for now, instead of clearing things up, Lockheimer added to the mystery. No, you won’t be able to see those pictures anywhere!

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