UNREAL Mobile exploits Sprint/T-Mobile merger to offer unlimited data at $15 per month

Prepaid carrier FreedomPop, which uses Sprint’s network, is rushing to launch another MVNO called UNREAL Mobile. This network, however, will launch with robust networking features like VPN, a single number for multiple devices and unlimited data starting at $15 per month.

As Sprint and T-Mobile are working through a merger process, there are price concerns from lower-income consumers who rely on prepaid services. Between the two companies’ prepaid brands — Boost Mobile, MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile USA — the combined company would have 54 percent control of the prepaid customer base. Many analysts are looking at this issue to be a pain point for regulators in reviewing the deal, perhaps suggesting that a divestiture could be in the cards.

“Sprint and T-Mobile are held up in regulatory approvals contingent on their ability to demonstrate that competition won’t suffer,” said Mauricio Sastre, FreedomPop’s lead for carrier relations and strategy. “Given that FreedomPop’s platform is enabling large companies like Dish to launch new MVNO brands in months, we decided to use it for our own purposes.”

While the key term may be “unlimited data,” it sounds as though users will receive a limited amount of data at high speeds from the base price — UNREAL’s CEO Samantha Hewe cites the nationwide data usage average of 1.6GB per month as not being a good justification for $50 plans.

“With many experts predicting a rise in prices as the market consolidates,” Hewes said in a press release, “we knew it was time to offer the American public a full service, lowest-price alternative that delivers the same great features but guarantees pricing no matter what happens in the rest of the market.”

More details are expected to be released early this summer. Interested parties can sign up to join the beta group for UNREAL Mobile at the source link below this story.

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