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UNREAL Mobile decides to undercut Sprint Unlimited Kickstart with $10 unlimited data

By Jules Wang June 20, 2018, 12:06 pm

Update: This story has been updated to reflect more information made available on UNREAL Mobile’s website.

Prepaid carrier network FreedomPop is officially announcing a lower price for its new service, UNREAL Mobile, that is to rival against the likes of Sprint, T-Mobile and their own-brand prepaid offerings.

Sprint recently ran a short-lived Unlimited Kickstart promotional plan with unlimited data (though with restricted speeds for streaming activities) for just $15 per month for those switching to its network. While that deal was done in by higher demand than expected, UNREAL — which relies on Sprint’s network — has decided to take a step further with no-contract unlimited data at $10 per month.


It will initially offer the Alcatel Dawn priced at $49.99, a Samsung Galaxy S6 at $149.99 going to refurbished iPhone 7 units from $399.99. Customers who already have CDMA-compatible phones to be brought in.

The new carrier is passing along advanced features to its customers like built-in VPN, a single phone number assignment for multiple devices and native ad-blocking. UNREAL also has “free data roll over” — see, the $10 rate applies to a high-speed data bucket of 1GB. Going to 2GB costs $15 per month and 5GB is $30 per month. All in all, very price competitive going month to month, though 2G speeds will apply after the threshold.

50,000 users have signed on to participate in a trial program that will launch later in the summer. Expect Target and Best Buy to be two of the retail chains among many locally-operated stores that will fly the UNREAL banner at their stores soon.

FreedomPop is believed to be in contact with the Department of Justice for inquiries as to how the impending merger between major carriers Sprint and T-Mobile will affect that company.



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