Unnamed LG Pre-Production Windows Phone Shows Up In Picture

As usual this time of the year, before CES and MWC, leaks are starting to pour in. At the end of last year we’ve seen images of the LG Fantasy Windows Phone but what we have here today doesn’t seem to resemble the aforementioned device.

Judging by the buttons on the front of the phone, this is probably a pre-production model (backed up by the poster: “LG’s engineering machine, etc. when you can see at CES. Not for sale”). Final hardware versions have more polished icons rather than the generic Back and Search ones featured on this device. However, the buttons appear to be capacitive and the phone itself seems squared with rough edges and relatively thin.

We played a little bit with the contrast and brightness of the initial image so that we can see things better. As you can see, there’s a front-facing webcam on the top right corner of the phone with fairly large lenses. To the left of the relatively small speaker hole you’ll see what probably is a proximity and a light sensor. We’ll see what LG brings to the upcoming CES and, in case they have different plans, we’ll make sure to check them out at MWC too.


Source: Weibo

Via: WPCentral

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