Unlocked US Samsung Galaxy S7 already on sale at Best Buy with free gift card

Well, that didn’t take long. A mere 24 hours after putting its unlocked Android smartphone-cherishing fans stateside out of their misery, Samsung just kicked off the very first SM-G930U deal.

Technically, Best Buy did, but probably not without the device manufacturer’s explicit blessing, so be sure to thank them both in your prayers before going to sleep tonight. First things first, you don’t want to hesitate, or put off an acquisition here, as the US unlocked Galaxy S7 feels like a bargain all of a sudden.

It still requires you cough up a hefty $670 upfront, but a nice $75 portion of that will make its way back to you in the form of a Best Buy gift card with no expiration date, fees, catches, strings attached, or restrictions of sorts.

You’re free to use the coupon on whatever the e-tailer sells and exceeds $75, from now until the end of time. Remember, the Galaxy S7 you’re purchasing is not just any ordinary “international” variant lacking support on this or that carrier. It’s a model specifically built for full American compatibility across all of the nation’s GSM and CDMA operators. Too bad BB only offers it in black, no edge-screen included.

Source: Best Buy

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