Unlocked Moto G4 Plus reportedly updated to Nougat stateside, and not a moment too soon

Let’s not mince words, Lenovo has made a complete mess of Android 7.0 updates for otherwise respectable (and respected) Moto-branded phones. While certain variants of the high-end Z and Z Force, as well as the mid-range G4 and G4 Plus, in select markets started seeing traces of Nougat way back in October and November last year, others were kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

Finally, the unlocked regular Moto Z scored the paramount UI makeover early last month, followed by the Verizon-exclusive Z Play Droid Edition and a handful of US-specific Moto G4 units just a few weeks ago.

Now, we’re hearing the unlocked Moto G4 Plus (model number XT1644) stateside is also leaving Marshmallow behind, although it’s unclear how stable and public the N update is at the moment. It could be another buggy limited soak test, and you may have to wait an additional few weeks until it’s all ironed out and ready for a nationwide over-the-air delivery.

But let’s keep our fingers crossed, and get to manually checking for fresh software goodies. Nothing yet? Reboot, reconnect, repeat. Or just give it up, and purchase the far prettier, slightly faster G5 Plus beginning today. Don’t forget however about the larger screen, lower price and free bundled Samsung Level U PRO headphones of the 64GB Moto G4 Plus.

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