Factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 drops to $600 at Newegg, S7 Edge starts at $700

If you weren’t quick enough to qualify for a free Gear VR or Gear S2 with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge purchase, have nothing to trade in for a $200 Best Buy gift card, and only wanted the one new flagship, Newegg might just be your go-to retailer currently.

Well, technically, it’s a third-party merchant dubbed ThePowerSellers that offers the factory unlocked GS7 for an all-time low price of $600, but Newegg gives it its vote of confidence, which probably means a great deal for a lot of people.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we did see the non-edgy, microSD-enabled, water-resistant 5.1-incher go for the same $600 on eBay a few weeks back. In the meantime however, the promo predictably expired, and so will Newegg’s steal on April 9, i.e. this Saturday.

Exactly as on eBay, the Galaxy S7 Edge variant accompanies its flat sibling on the discount bandwagon, fetching $700 instead of $800 or $900. Both phones are limitedly available at the special prices in onyx black and platinum gold coats of paint, and sadly, they only come with 30-day warranties, as well as a 30-day no-questions-asked refund window.

If you’re in the market for a SIM-free “next big thing”, and insist on having your back covered your first year of ownership, Best Buy remains the safest bet… at a large premium. And no, unlocked S7 and S7 Edge variants aren’t eligible for complimentary $200 coupons. The clock is ticking, so whatever you decide to do about Newegg’s offer, do it soon.

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