Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge limitedly available for $630 on eBay

While mobile technology continues to advance at a pretty steady pace, so that today’s flagship smartphones can easily top their predecessors in every single way that counts, thriving competition and declining global sales help keep prices in check.

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll notice high-end Android retail costs have actually dropped in recent years instead of going up, as the Galaxy S7, for instance, can be currently found for less than what the S6 fetched this time last year.

Namely, the latest “next big thing” hit an all-time low price of $530 a couple of weeks ago at Newegg via eBay in brand-new unlocked form, with other retailers ready to give you free backup phones, gift cards, VR headsets and even Smart TVs to sweeten their deals.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the 5.1-incher’s dual-curved, jumbo-sized sibling, but don’t want to commit to an operator right off the bat, Newegg is back with another compelling bargain on eBay.

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs $629 in limited quantities and for a limited time (two more days at the time of publication), shipping for free nationwide, with sales tax charged only in California, Indiana, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

This is the SM-G935 model you’re apparently looking at here, so getting it to work on GSM networks stateside with full 4G LTE support shouldn’t be a problem. You can choose between black and gold flavors (silver is already out of stock), and in case you’re wondering about the savings in store, let’s just say Amazon charges $715 and up for a SIM-free GS7 Edge.

Source: eBay

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