Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 (non-refurb) costs just $260 for 3 days

As you’d probably expect, we’ve seen a number of fairly tempting deals on the ancient Galaxy S5 in the months following its sequel’s launch, but most of the recent ones offered refurbished or open-box units on the cheap.

For three whole days now however, the bargain website Daily Steals lets you score the untouched, unused 5.1-inch phone at a measly $260, which is roughly 90 bucks south of Amazon’s lowest current listing. Compared to Best Buy, you save even more, namely $140 or so, whether you’re into classic black devices, slightly swankier white ones, or outright posh gold models.

No matter your color of choice, you’ll get to activate the Samsung Galaxy S5 on your preferred GSM carrier, with 4G LTE connectivity all covered. Granted, that Marshmallow software upgrade may not be as close as it seems, but it’s definitely cooking, and sooner or later, it’s going to replace your pre-loaded Android Lollipop flavor over-the-air.

Don’t worry about memory either, as you have a plentiful 2 gigs on tap, and while the 2014 flagship is nowhere near as stylish as its successor, it does let you remove and replace its battery in need, expand the 16GB internal storage space, and stop fearing accidental toilet bowl dunks.

Bottom line, at $260, this bad boy is indeed a steal, regardless of its advanced age and looming threequel. Just don’t overthink your purchase, as discounted inventory could always run out ahead of the promo’s actual deadline.

Source: Daily Steals

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