GSM unlocked Moto Z and Z Play open up US pre-orders ahead of October launch

Thinking of “skipping the sevens”, despite the new iPhones arguably looking less disappointing in real life than all those ominous pre-release reports, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exchanges finally overcoming initial hiccups?

The “different” and “better” Moto Z modular family is just about ready to go wide stateside after a short period of Verizon exclusivity, although Sprint customers are still out of luck. The unlocked Z and Z Play can only be pre-ordered with GSM network compatibility from Best Buy or Amazon, which means you’re free to activate either one on AT&T or T-Mobile.

Once you actually receive them, that is, Amazon slating the commercial rollout of the non-Droid Moto Z for October 2, followed by the Moto Z Play on the 20th. Both trusted third-party retailers will charge you $450 and $700 respectively, no Moto Mods included.

Check that, the 1080p-limited, Snapdragon 625-powered, 3GB RAM-packing, 32GB internal storage-accommodating, 16/5MP cam-touting, and 3,510 mAh battery-hauling Z Play at BB does come with a complimentary bundled Incipio offGRID Power Pack accessory, typically and separately worth $60.

Meanwhile, the Quad HD-capable, 5.2mm-slim, headphone jack-excluding, SD820/4GB RAM/64GB ROM/13/5MP cameras/2,600 mAh battery-sporting Moto Z (or Z Thin) includes a $200 discount on the $300 Hasselblad True Zoom Camera add-on if you choose to shop through Amazon. Not too shabby, huh?

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