Thinking of getting one of those freshly discounted Daydream View VR headsets to use in combination with a Moto Z phone on AT&T or T-Mobile? Not so fast, as Motorola (or rather Lenovo) is curiously late to roll out an Android Nougat update for the unlocked modular 5.5-incher stateside, despite joining Verizon to distribute Droid-specific 7.0 goodies way back in November.

It’s the middle of January now, and Sony is sending sweet stuff like multi-window support to the dusty old Xperia Z3+ after doing the same for the Z5, Z5 Premium, X, X Compact, XZ and X Performance. What’s taking Moto so long then to bring its latest “standard” flagship up to date?

No idea, but at least we’re finally promised a relatively fast-approaching software makeover. The nationwide GSM network-compatible $700 handheld will apparently leave OS build M behind sometime in February, followed by the Moto Z Play the next month.

Odds are both the Z Play Droid and that recently marked-down unlocked variant will get their OTA Nougaty treats before March ends, which is definitely something to look forward to. Still, what’s with the unlocked Moto Z holdup? And no, its tardy commercial debut compared to the Z and Z Force Droid Editions doesn’t explain things. Not in reasonable, satisfactory fashion, that is.

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