Motorola offers free JBL SoundBoost mod with $500 unlocked Moto Z for a limited time

To wait until July 25 (and most likely, well beyond) for the formal announcement and commercial launch of the Moto Z2 Force or pull the trigger now and get the first-gen Z at an unbeatable price? That, our friends and bargain-hunting readers, is the million 500-dollar question.

There’s no middle ground to reach either, as coincidentally (not), Motorola’s latest US-only special offer is set to expire precisely on July 25. That leaves you one full week to decide if the original Moto Z is worth $499.99 in a GSM unlocked variant, OG JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod included.

Separately, the high-quality snap-on speaker accessory would set you back $79.99 by itself, while the one year-old 5.5-inch phone normally costs a whopping $700. Of course, you can definitely score the modular, ultra-thin Snapdragon 820 powerhouse for significantly less at a number of third-party retailers, including Amazon’s own $499.99 discounted listing.

But that doesn’t cover the first-gen SoundBoost audio mod, which by the way is very similar to its recently released sequel. And yes, in case you’re wondering, the “regular” Moto Z is still a lot better than the slightly cheaper Z2 Play. There’s no headphone jack in tow, but you do get Quad HD screen resolution, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Just remember to apply the MOTOZ200JBL coupon code to your order before checking out.

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