Now that’s what we call a bargain: unlocked Lumia 950 for $450 with Office 365

Microsoft is probably feeling the heat from the new wave of Android powerhouses, particularly the modular LG G5 and water-resistant Galaxy S7/S7 Edge duo. Beside those key selling points, superior RAM counts and faster processors, these high-end rookies are also surprisingly inexpensive, especially in BOGO arrangements.

It comes as no surprise therefore the Lumia 950 costs $450 unlocked starting today and through March 27, while supplies last in Redmond’s on and offline US stores. Furthermore, the Continuum-enabled, Windows 10-running 5.2-incher fetches you a free year of Office 365 Personal, which outside this promotion, sets you back a rather prohibitive $70.

In case you’re wondering, $450 is a cool 100 bucks off the phone’s list price, and AT&T still charges as much as $600 outright. Compatible with GSM carriers like Ma Bell and T-Mobile, the Microsoft Lumia 950 can also be picked up on Amazon for $475 and up, but only if you relinquish your standard manufacturer warranty.

No reason to do that, so if you’re into the world’s third most popular mobile OS, and don’t want to settle for old or low-end gear, this seems a no-brainer deal. You’ll need to purchase the Display Dock separately if you’re interested, coughing up an extra $100, and getting the ultimate PC-transforming phone experience for a grand total of $550.

Source: Microsoft Store

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