If you love large, metal phones with removable batteries, a microSD card slot, an impressive dual-camera system and the best media creation software in the mobile sector, you might just love the LG V20. If you blinked last month, you would’ve been able to catch a Sprint-only variant of the device for just $300 — well under half the original MSRP!

Alas, Sprint is the United States’s fourth largest carrier. And given its network situation, you’d want a damn good reason to jump over. The V20 might not exactly be big enough for you.

But if you’re pursuing the device rather than the carrier, get yourself over to B&H Photo’s site (link below the article) for an unlocked V20 unit in your choice of Silver (gray) or Titan (grayer gray) for just $399.99. The phone has recently been retailing at $599.99, so we’re still retaining some value on this Snapdragon 820 phone with 64GB of storage.

But it’s not just about processors and Bluetooth. While you’ll be able to activate it on GSM and CDMA networks, feature compatibility will vary. And you’ll want to consider things before the deal closes out.

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