Unlocked LG G6, V20 and G5 hit new all-time low prices on eBay: $420, $370 and $230

Those in the market for an Android Nougat-powered flagship LG phone in the months still leading up to V30’s rumored IFA Berlin announcement and subsequent fall release are faced with a pretty tough decision right now.

But it’s the sweet kind of tough, as this year’s G6 and 2016’s V20 and G5 all seem to deliver stellar bang for buck if you know where to look for the best deals. eBay is the place to e-visit today, after Daily Steals, Newegg, Sprint, Best Buy and T-Mobile in recent weeks, with a couple of experienced, trusted sellers ready to make you offers you can’t refuse.

With a 98.4 percent positive feedback, BuySpry charges a measly $229.99 for a “brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged” LG G5 in its “original packaging”, as well as $419.99 for a similarly untouched G6.

Meanwhile, MobilePros1, an eBay merchant recommended by 97.5 percent of its past customers, can hook you up with a $369.99 titan-painted LG V20. Again, we’re talking a sealed-package, pristine mobile device here, and even a particular unit compatible with both GSM and CDMA carriers stateside.

All three of LG’s recent heroes come with standard, US-valid warranties, according to their sellers, and the G5 and G6 support GSM operators like T-Mobile, AT&T and MetroPCS. What you have to decide is how much you’re willing to pay, and whether you want to make a couple of compromises, a few more or none whatsoever.

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