Unlocked LG G6 and G5 prices continue their steep drop on eBay: now just $400 and $200

Remember back when $550 felt like a small price to pay for an unlocked LG G6? It wasn’t that long ago, incredibly enough, but the “FullVision” 5.7-inch Android flagship has slowly and steadily slipped to under $500, around $450, $420, $410 and now a cool, super-affordable $399.99.

The big catch? Top-rated eBay seller and always reliable discount specialist never-msrp can’t hook you up with a North American-certified US997 model for your four Benjamins, instead offering international factory unlocked H870DS units at massive markdowns.

The problem with these inexpensive “brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged items” in their “original packaging” is they’re not guaranteed to achieve 4G LTE speeds across US GSM networks. And of course, they won’t work with a CDMA operator period.

If you can live with that, don’t mind the G6’s reportedly poor box-office showing so far. The quality – pricing ratio here is an absolute killer, slim bezels, 5.7-inch Quad HD screen, dual 13MP rear cameras, water resistance, 3300 mAh battery, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and all.

Meanwhile, the older, more controversial and even less popular LG G5 keeps getting closer and closer to ultra-low-cost perfection, currently setting you back an irresistible $199.99 via veteran eBay seller BuySpry after yet another notable price deduction.

This time you’re dealing with a device expressly made to function on a US carrier, namely T-Mobile, also compatible with AT&T and other GSM networks, LTE-enabled, Nougat-powered, 4GB RAM-packing and, apparently, even manufacturer warranty-backed.

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