Still in the market for an unlocked LG G6? B&H throws in Watch Style at $650 grand total

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LG G6 buyers stateside sure got their fair share of incentives and deal sweeteners since day one of the sleek, compact phone’s local availability, but if you stayed on the fence for some reason until now, you might be able to take advantage of possibly the best steal yet over at discount specialist B&H Photo Video.

While the third-party retailer will leave you waiting a few more weeks for unlocked LG G6 shipping (mid-May, to be “exact”), the platinum US997 model is offered in a special bundle alongside the rose gold LG Watch Style at the low combined price of $649.99.

By themselves, the 5.7-inch, 78 percent screen handset and stylish Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch cost $600 and $280 respectively. Granted, the Watch Style was at one point marked down to $180 through Best Buy, but that’s no longer the case.

Meanwhile, AT&T sells the arguably superior LG Watch Sport for just $50 with the G6, but only if you agree to sign up to a two-year contract, pay $720 in the first place for the phone, and stick to Ma Bell instead of choosing the operator you’d like to activate it on. Bottom line, B&H’s latest deal is essentially unbeatable.

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