Unlocked HTC One M9 gets updated to Android 6.0, One A9 to 6.0.1 stateside

The post office may be crazy busy this time of year, but by the looks of it, Santa received all those letters from nice HTC One M9 and One A9 users in the US, who should be getting their early Christmas presents starting today in the form of sweet Marshmallows and oodles of emoji respectively.

Following in the footsteps of the One M8, which jumped on the Android 6.0 bandwagon roughly three weeks back, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest flagship leaves Lollipop behind too, though carrier-branded M9 models still have to wait.

If you’re sporting an unlocked version, be sure to stay on the lookout for an automatic installation prompt message or, in case of a delay, dive into the About phone menu, then System update, and try to manually force the download.

First things first, fill up the tank or keep the device plugged in to charge while pulling the 6.0 bundle of joy, turn Wi-Fi on, free up some storage space (at least 1GB), and gear up for loads of battery enhancements, general system speed improvements, security augmentations, and Google Now on Tap add-ons.

As far as the One A9 is concerned, you probably remember the 5-inch iPhone lookalike ran Marshmallow out the box, so all that’s left to be added in the mix are minor security revisions and 184 new emojis, wrapped up in a 6.0.1 bow. Alas, this update is restricted to unlocked models also, with mobile operators as always poking their noses where they shouldn’t.

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