Unlocked HTC One M8 and One M9 on track for Marshmallow this month

Although it took HTC a little longer than expected to optimize Android 6.0 for the One M8 Google Play edition, owners of Sense-skinned unbranded models in Europe shouldn’t fret. Well-known and generally reliable Twitter tipster @LlabTooFer says the “final” update, also containing the 7.0 iteration of the OEM’s proprietary UI, “will be available in about 2 weeks.”

In case that’s not dependable and specific enough for you, HTC’s own candid VP of Product Management recently tweeted to a follower “final testing is being performed” and the official OTA deployment “should be very soon.” As soon as last night, Mo Versi hoped, but we’re guessing something came up in the eleventh hour that still needs ironing out.

Nonetheless, chances are if you’re rocking an “international” M8 free of carrier shackles, you’ll be able to run both Android Marshmallow and Sense 7.0 by Christmas. It’s even possible some North American operators will themselves get in on the fun before 2015 wraps up, with AT&T users however most likely left waiting until “early next year.”

As far as the newer, slightly higher-end One M9 is concerned, HTC engineers “are still tracking by the end of year for M OS update with Verizon”, targeting an early January rollout on Sprint as well after approval hopefully comes in this month.

What does that mean for unlocked variants on the old continent? Almost certainly, that Marshmallow goodie packs will begin making their way over-the-air in a couple of weeks, tops. Now that’s what you call excellent software support for yesterday and today’s flagship devices.

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