One of the antiquated facets of the Android OEM product cycle is the developer edition of the latest flagship. These days, you’ve pretty much got the Nexus phones and software emulation for app developers. But if you’re wreaking havoc with ROMs and you don’t have any of that hardware or software, you’re tough out of luck in terms of getting that warranty coverage for a regular phone.

HTC, though, has been more dev-friendly to flash freaks by providing bootloader unlock tools for its phones. It’s even been covering unlocked bootloaders in its warranties for its phones. And yes, even the HTC 10 has that policy in place.

Your HTC warranty even covers bootloader unlocking on the HTC 10!
For more bootloader unlocking info, visit

As always, carrier versions have their own warranty asterisks, so wait until those start becoming available and read up on the fine print.

Source: HTC
Via: XDA-Developers

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