Unlocked GSM LG V20 goes for a hair over $300 in killer Walmart deal

One year can be a long time for mobile hardware, which sometimes becomes obsolete in the space between a formal announcement and global commercial rollout. That’s probably not the case with the LG V30, although the new flagship’s turnaround could have been way better, and its 2016 forerunner can still be quite compelling as well… at the right price.

$400 felt right just a few months back, but then a trusted eBay seller shaved off an additional $30, followed by an extra $40 knocked down at Newegg earlier this week for a limited time only.

Now Walmart takes us straight to irresistible bargain territory, charging a crazy low $302.52 for a 64GB unlocked GSM configuration of the LG V20 in a “titan” paint job. There’s no expiration date listed on the big box retailer’s official website, but something tells us you’re looking at finite discounted inventory here.

It can’t hurt to check and see if Walmart is running a similar promotion in a physical store near you if patience isn’t your number one quality, although online orders currently have a 2-day shipping cutoff at no extra cost.

If you’re wondering how tempting of a deal the $302 LG V20 is, let us direct you to the phone’s glowing real audio and real camera reviews. This bad boy still looks great, sounds great and takes great photos, not to mention it’s got two screens, pretty slim bezels for a 2016 release, and even a removable battery. They literally don’t make them like that anymore.

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