Bargain hunters, rejoice: unlocked 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge goes for $460 on eBay

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again. The time you have to choose between costly new Android flagships and their deeply discounted but nowhere near as compelling predecessors. Of course, there’s also a third option, namely waiting until fall and seeing what the Galaxy Note 6 or LG V11 might be all about.

But how could you resist a Gear VR-bundled, microSD-capable, water-resistant S7 or a cheaper-than-ever-before 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge? That’s right, the latter will only set you back $460 if you hurry and have no problem dealing with top-rated eBay seller qualitycellz.

The swanky gold-coated model on sale isn’t just a digital hoarder’s wet dream, despite lacking an external card slot, it’s also said to be compatible with both GSM carriers and Verizon. It’s obviously unlocked and free of operator shackles too, plus much more compact and easily pocketable than its two dual-curved successors.

Basically, it’s as stylish as the just-unveiled S7 Edge and 0.7mm slimmer, so at a first glance, no one will be able to notice you bought yesteryear’s top dog. Granted, the battery is far from a powerhouse, and there’s no comparing the Exynos 7420 and 8890 processors.

Still, seeing as how a 32GB (!!!) unlocked GS6 Edge goes for north of $550 on Amazon, while T-Mobile, for instance, charges an outlandish $760 for its 128GB variant, the eBay savings are definitely hefty enough to compensate for the above listed compromises and absence of water protection. Oh, and don’t worry, Marshmallows are on the way.

Source: eBay
Via: The Droid Guy

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