Huawei sure has a strange idea about the color spectrum — it might paint the upcoming P10 in at least 13 of them with three shades of gold and a whopping four grains of gray. Then again, if you want to actually see some color, LG used bold hues for its capsule marketing bits it decided to distribute to press outlets (including Pocketnow).

This week’s news also includes the rebirth of the unlimited data plan in the US from, of all carriers, Verizon. And for once, it has left the scrappy players scrambling for a response.

We lead off with that story plus we answer YOUR questions, so make sure you’re charged and ready for the Pocketnow Weekly!

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February 17, 2017


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Technology has changed the way we run.

Thanks to Smart phones, now even casual runners can map their routes, create pump-up playlists, and track their progress. However, taking advantage of all of these technologies has always meant stopping to look at your phone, which means losing motion and momentum. That’s about to change, because now there’s MARA: a hands-free running assistant that uses voice recognition and the microphone in your earbuds to help you optimize your runs.

You can tell her what kind of run you’d like to do, ask questions about your speed, pace, or location, or have her play albums and playlists from your music library. MARA can also tell you how you are doing in comparison to your past runs or warn you about changes in weather, like if it’s about to rain. She’ll even track your progress by noting all of your hotspots and rough legs, each time you run. You can connect MARA to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and ask her about lifetime statistics, and records you’ve set while you get ready for your next run.

Visit to download your free virtual running assistant today!

Unlimited Surprise


Verizon started painting the town red this week with its decision to bring back one form of an unlimited data plan — with a couple more competitive features than its existent equivlaents. This prompted T-Mobile to “one-up” its most basic plan (and get rid of an annoying speed bump along the way) and Sprint has followed suit as well. AT&T put out a clumsy response shortly after.

Who takes credit? Which plan works out to be the best for you? And what might be next as service plan prices continue to droop?



26:28 | A rainbow of Huawei P10 colors, misfortunate bland text and other rumors

40:08 | LG launches multi-front assault to tease press of G6

58:34 | As Galaxy S8 timeline pushes towards reality, how well can it perform?

1:04:11 | The iPhone 8’s display: how many and how big?

1:17:54 | While we’re on Apple, let’s do a power lunch

1:28:10 | Is ZTE coming to crisis mode with Commerce Department sanctions?

1:36:39 | What will Xiaomi launch its Pinecone SoC on?

1:39:02 | Fossil hopes wearables will lead the way, but investors are wary-ble

1:47:35 | Eh, we wanted to throw in a mention of Sony and Pikachu in here

1:49:36 | OnePlus engages in the most unhygienic giveaway campaign for the sake of love

Your Reaction


Listener mail this week from Kobirul Ali on the Galaxy Beta Program, plus your reactions through Twitter with the hashtag #PNWeekly throughout the show!

See you soon!

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