Can’t do Unlimited Freedom? Sprint 2GB plan is $40 per month per line

If you have good credit, but can’t afford the $60 a month it takes to get Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan, you can still hop on with a $40 2GB plan. The carrier quietly launched the plan just after its promotional pricing campaign for Unlimited Freedom ran out, going down to $50 a month.

Wave7 Research claims that Sprint was aching with its lower price tier customers when it decided to run strictly with Unlimited Freedom plans back in April. So, it now has the new $40 plan ($45 before AutoPay) as well as a retail-only $40 plan with 4GB. There’s also the same 4GB plan on Sprint Prepaid.

Sprint has some juggling to do with rolling people into Unlimited Freedom — CMO Roger Solé claims the conversion rate is at 90 percent — while also defending its low-end postpaid count and also taking care of its prepaid brands, Boost Mobile and the newly-recovering Virgin Mobile. Playing this move low-key allows the company to reach out to he right audience while not leaving new, interested parties out of the loop.

On the Magenta side, the T-Mobile ONE unlimited data plan has a built-in KickBack feature that customers can opt for. It takes $10 off the monthly rate of $70 for those who use 2GB of data or less. Still, Sprint’s rate is a big undercut.

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