Cricket offering four lines of unlimited data for $100 a month, but there’s a catch

AT&T hasn’t really been able to pull out as many deals as it would like to in order to keep customers engaged in its products. Certainly, there are the one-offs like a $100 gift card for a foldable phone, but a lot of the shunting work has gone to its prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless.

Holiday deals after holidays deals have come by and this one’s no exception. But this deal, while offering unlimited data to an extent, will really pinch at your limits for speed.

From tomorrow, December 1, customers can sign up for four lines of its Unlimited 2 plan for just $100 per month — with AutoPay and Cricket’s usual Group Save scheme, this is a $30 savings. Typically, the Unlimited plan is just $55 per line per month with AutoPay and the Unlimited 2 plan is $50 — a $60 difference over a year’s time.

Just like the normal Unlimited plan, users get unlimited domestic talk and unlimited text from the US to 38 countries. Plus, they can access data, SMS and calls from Canada and Mexico as well as the United States. Plus, 8GB of mobile hotspot can be added on for service.

The big difference here is that instead of capping download speeds at 8Mbps, the Cricket Unlimited 2 plan takes that down to a paltry 3Mbps. And even after 22GB of use in a month, that traffic can be subject to throttling.

So, four lines for $100 per month or, if it’s just a couple coming in, two lines for $80. What do you think? Good enough to jump into a Cricket store?

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