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Universal Windows Platform features, but no Spotify UWP yet

By Jules Wang December 25, 2017, 12:12 am

Spotify has taken a good long while making a Universal Windows Platform app — one app that would work across Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox and on the PC. It has promised to come up with one sooner or later and it is definitely hitting the “later” part of that spectrum.

And with no mobile app existing, some users have complained in reviews to ask what’s going on. Even with the recent release of its desktop app — some deem the app to be a simple repackaging of its existing full program — Spotify has yet to do any convergence work with its other apps.

Well, the company has recently started responding to those complaints with this general statement:

For many technical reasons, fully converting our Desktop app to UWP is not trivial for us. However, this hasn’t stopped us from investing in UWP features for our Desktop application (We now have Live Tiles, and Cortana has just been released to Windows Insiders). We are also available on Xbox, which is a UWP app. The technology we use to bring Spotify to the Windows Store allows us to invest in UWP over time, whilst ensuring that installing, updating and removing Spotify is simpler (and safer) than ever. We hope you can understand that we do care about WIndows 10 and will continue to invest in the Windows 10 ecosystem.

So, why not put more work into the Xbox application and release that as the Windows 10 app? Well, the possibilities might not stem the flow of complaints, but at least Spotify is actively working on those UWP spec requirements and knowing that is half the battle.

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