How to Unfacebook Your HTC First and Turn it Into a Nexus (Video)

It’s pretty clear that Facebook Home is the defining feature of the HTC First. After all, that’s why the device exists in the first place – to be marketed as a Facebook phone of sorts and offer a slightly more integrated Facebook Home experience than you can get on other devices. But Facebook Home is hardly the only trick up the First’s sleeve. Beneath Facebook Home, it sports the one feature we hear requested more than just about any other: stock Android.

Sure, the First may come with Facebook Home pre-installed, but Home is nothing more than a launcher replacement. And disabling it is quite simple. In fact, there are varying degrees in which you can disable Facebook Home. You can have Home still active while using the stock Android launcher. You can shortcut to the stock Android launcher while only using Facebook Home as a makeshift lock screen. Or you can disable Facebook home entirely and use the First as a pure stock Android phone.

In the video below, we show you exactly how to do just that!

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