Under Armour puts Watson from IBM to its app, UA Record

Under Armour has been making plenty of techie friends lately. HTC, of course, has been churning out the hardware for a box full of fitness wares. But while HTC does make very agreeable Android software, UA’s been looking for something a bit more context-aware and cognizant of what a runner’s or skier’s needs are.

So, it came to IBM for some help and got it in the form of supercomputer Watson. Watson’s brain has been implemented into UA Record app to enhance not only the tracking of health and performance stats, but also to help ensure optimal times and mileage going forward.

Watson connects data plots from other UA Record users — kept anonymous to you — to show how the most fit people in your age group sleep, eat and exercise. It will even factor forecasts from the Weather Channel into consideration, if your calling is outdoors: Watson can offer times to go for a run based on the best temperature to do so.

Under Armour promises that only the Record app will be storing the data that IBM Watson processes. IBM gets no cut.

Via: The Verge
Image credit: The Verge

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