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The next Google event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 30. We are expecting several new and exciting products, such as the new Pixel 5, the Pixel 4a 5G, new smart speakers that are expected to launch under the Google Nest brand, and a new Google Chrome with Android TV support. However, the Chromecast codenamed Sabrina may have decided not to wait for its official announcement, and it could already be available from Home Depot.

Yes, the new Google Chromecast with Android TV or Google TV is now selling for $49.99 over at Home Depot. The retailer has Sabrina available, two days before it’s official launched, the guys from The Verge have already purchased one, as it was already on store shelves for grabs. The device has also been spotted at Walmart, where Reddit user u/fuzztub07 purchased one to give us a full demonstration of its features.

“The Verge has purchased one such device from The Home Depot and can confirm the retailer is not stopping customers from checking out and taking the pre-release product home.”

Now, the new Google Chromecast with Android TV is not available in every store, as the guys from the verge claim that they tried two stores, and they only found the new Chromecast at the second location. Also, “inputting the universal product code listed on the receipt into the retailer’s website returns no results, so it would appear you can only purchase it early in person.”

The receipt doesn’t describe the dongle like a Chromecast; it labels it as “SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY,” which is the device’s hardware codename. Google was approached for comments on the matter, but it didn’t respond.

Well, you may want to wait for the official launch of the Google Chromecast, or just go to a couple of Home Depot or Walmart stores to see if you can get one. Remember that it’s just $50, and it will with a remote controller and Google TV support.

Source The Verge

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