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Ultrakam allows you to record 2K video on your iPhone

By Jaime Rivera March 31, 2014, 4:58 pm

For those of you that thought that 1080p video would be dead on high-end smarpthones this year, well that’s not entirely the way things went with product launches. One thing that is becoming common is for smartphones to be able to record video in up-to 4K resolution, but that is of course, unless you’re using an iPhone. The good thing about the developer community though, is that they always figure out ways to solve the problem, and we might have just found a way to get better quality video on your current iPhone.

An app called Ultrakam is able to allow you to record video in up to 2K resolution using your current iPhone hardware. There’s really no trick to this, as the iPhone’s camera sensor is capable of recording video up to 3264×2448, but can’t do so in a smooth way. The only thing the app does is allow you to use the extra space of the sensor up to 2K video without compromising on frame-rate, though limited to 30fps on the iPhone 5s, or 20 fps on the iPhone 5. The app even allows you to get a more cinematic style of video with 24fps of video recording on the iPhone 5s as well.

What’s the catch? Well the app will cost you $7 for starters, which isn’t steep if you consider what you can do with it. What’s complicated is that one minute of 2K video will eat 3GB of storage, so if you’re using a 64GB iPhone 5s, you won’t get passed a 20-minute video. You can download the app from the App Store in the source link if you’re still interested.

Source: App Store
Via: 9to5Mac

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