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UK carriers to be banned from selling locked phones

By Prakhar Khanna October 27, 2020, 9:50 am
locked phones

Selling locked phones ensure that switching providers won’t be easy. Carriers have been selling locked phones, and half of the people who try to unlock their phones experience difficulties. According to Ofcom, these people face a long wait to receive the code needed to trigger the process and then finding that the code does not work. However, it’s all in the past now. From December 2021, you won’t have to buy locked phones as UK Regulator Ofcom is banning the sale of locked phones by network operators.

The latest development comes via a report from BBC, which says that the new rule will affect BT and its EE subsidiary, Vodafone, and Tesco Mobile. The companies seem to be taking it well as they aren’t pushing back. Vodafone said, “We stand ready to implement these changes when they come into force,” while EE added, “We’ll work with Ofcom to comply with its guidelines.” Other UK networks including O2, Three, and Virgin already only sell unlocked handsets. Hence, the new order doesn’t affect them.


According to Ofcom, consumers will find it easier to switch networks for a better deal once the new measures are in place. Plus, it will save them money since phone unlocking usually costs around £10. The UK regulator also said to give consumers accessible communications formats such as braille must always be available when requested from the same date, in December of 2021.

Additionally, networks will have to show customers a clear summary of a contract before signing starting in June 2022. It is being done to ensure that key parts aren’t hidden in the small print. Moreover, consumers will be able to get out of contracts if changes are made that weren’t originally agreed upon, which includes price hikes.


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