Canonical’s new Ubuntu OS for smartphones is just around the corner, and the first public release of the software, a developer’s preview, is arriving later this week for interested Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 owners. That’s cause for excitement on its own, but a smartphone-optimized OS isn’t the only thing Canonical’s been working on. There’s a new countdown timer running on its website that seems ready to reveal some Ubuntu tablet news tomorrow.

Now, assuming this tablet teaser turns out to be what the company was showing off last fall, don’t expect anything like the smartphone version of Ubuntu. Instead, this should look much more like a typical desktop environment, windows and all. Eventually, the UI will be optimized for touch input, but we’re not sure just how far that work’s come. Back in the fall, there were still problems with memory, power consumption, and CPU optimization, but we’re hoping the months since have given Canonical time to work things out.

The first release of Ubuntu for tablets should support the Nexus 7, but we haven’t heard about progress with compatibility with other devices. By tomorrow morning, we’ll hopefully have the full story to share with you.

Source: Canonical, OMG Ubuntu
Via: phoneArena

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