Back in September, we heard from Canonical that the countdown had started towards the release of Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander,” with the target date set as October 17. Sure, this is a full-featured release that brings numerous improvements to desktop Ubuntu users, but our concern is on what this means for the mobile side: after months and months of development, Ubuntu Touch is finally read for inclusion in the greater Ubuntu project, and 13.10 brings with it images for installation of phones and tablets.

The good news is that it’s here. As for bad news – well, compatibility is still an issue. Only those few Nexus models are officially supported, and while the community has prepared ports for of dozens of additional devices, much of that work is old or incomplete.

Even for supported models like the Nexus 4 or Galaxy Nexus, the software isn’t quite fully baked yet. Things like a lock screen, and airplane mode, are still missing, and tablet support is even further behind. And that ability to run desktop-style Ubuntu when connected to an external monitor? Not functioning yet, either.

All that missing stuff is being worked on, and should show up in future releases – Canonical’s not just giving up. But still, be aware that even as an official release, this lacks some of the polish you might otherwise expect.

Source: Canonical
Via: GigaOM

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