In the fierce battle for music streaming supremacy, the world’s most popular ridesharing service isn’t keen on taking sides, instead playing nice with both Spotify and Pandora. After letting riders assume backseat DJ duties via the former app for a couple of years now, Uber finally turns its attention to drivers as well, integrating the latter’s ad-free Internet radio resources directly into the Uber Partner app.

All “partners” in the United States, Australia and New Zealand have to do is connect their phones to the car’s Bluetooth or AUX, set the stereo as needed, tap the “Play Music” button on the map, log in or sign up for a free Pandora account, then sit back and listen to the best tunes. If passengers are into the same music, of course.

For the first six months, i.e. until December 28, drivers don’t have to worry about commercials, interruptions, or repetitive songs, after which however they’ll face a few hindrances or cough up $5 a month on a standard Pandora One subscription.

Ultimately, the joint marketing effort is as much about making Uber drivers comfortable and happy behind the wheel as it is about potentially boosting Pandora’s slumping user numbers.

Source: Uber Newsroom

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