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U.K. to grant Huawei access to national 5G network

By Anton D. Nagy October 28, 2019, 8:00 am

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to grant Huawei access to the country’s 5G network, Reuters reports citing the Sunday Times. Said access will be granted, according to sources within senior government and security services, to the “non-contentious” parts of the network. The decision will likely upset the U.S. administration which has banned Huawei completely from accessing or building its 5G network over national security reasons and allegations of Huawei being too close to Chinese intelligence agencies.

The decision comes as Huawei is in talks with U.S. companies over licensing its 5G technology, and following a precedent set by Germany. Two weeks ago Germany decided to reject the ban imposed by the U.S. and decided not to block Huawei from the country’s 5G efforts.


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