Two-screen ZTE Axon Multy could hit AT&T in October

In a move that would ZTE back on the map with US postpaid carriers for the first time in years, the Chinese manufacturer could be making a folding twoscreen smartphone to be released on AT&T next month. It may also act as the year’s Axon flagship smartphone entry.

The Axon Multy is said to feature Full HD displays on the exterior faces of the two-panel folding unit, according to a source to Evan Blass reporting for VentureBeat. The combined 1920 x 2160 canvas would measure 6.8 inches diagonally. However, the unit would only stack up at less than 10mm thick when folded. Callbacks to the Kyocera Echo with its thick Z-hinge and the resulting mid-panel bezel apply here.

Last year’s flagship specifications are supposedly on this experimental device with the main computing star being a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. 4GB of RAM follows along with a 32GB storage disk. The one odd factor here is the single 20-megapixel camera — the folding element can obviate the need for a camera dedicated to selfies. The 3,120mAh battery is about average for the phone’s power class.

Ma Bell is said to be the exclusive carrier for the Axon Multy and will sell it for about $650. With its multi-screen nature, AT&T will likely prop up its DirecTV content with the phone.

As a note of interest, Huawei is also said to have a new phone on the same carrier in the first quarter of 2018. ZTE is also working its reputation up after accepting a record fine from the Department of Justice for breaching trade sanctions. Both Chinese phone makers are coming out of the sales purgatory that is the unlocked phones market, long dominated by the likes of BLU.

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