The new Nexuses may share a single a single design despite their rumored size differences. Whether or not you consider it as good news or bad depends on how you view these prospective renders. And if you’re seeing what we’re seeing, one thing comes to mind — it’s as if the Nexus 6P’s glass capsule on back started swallowing rear-side real estate like “The Blob”.

We should note that Android Police’s David Ruddock has created this mock-up based on details he has acquired from a source. Get ready to put on your critics’ glasses.

We start with the device as a body of work from suspected manufacturer HTC. It’s said to be an aluminium make for the most part, excluding the big glass — okay, it could be plastic — panel on the back, of course. Different tones will take the face and rear of the phone, including this black/dark gray combination. A narrow, sharp bevel runs around the back with gently sloping corners at bottom and lower-radius curves at top. It’s sure to get design houses talking, regardless of whether this thing is realized in this fashion — remember, no one can guarantee this picture.

A white face could go with a conventional aluminium finish or “electric blue” paint. My, my, what’s with all these rumors and blue this year?

Next to the flush-set camera are three holes, though it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly they will hold inside and in which order they will be placed. Sure, the typical laser autofocus/flash/microphone setup could be in store, but it’s not like we can’t be surprised. The glossy material seems to drag our attention away from the fairly minimal antenna lines. Nevertheless, this design choice is definitely signal-friendly for whatever’s behind there. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor remains this year.

That Google lettermark? It’s a maybe, but it seems more likely than the HTC logo appearing on the devices. Same probably can be said for the “Nexus” logo.

Android Police is 80 percent confident in the information that it has received. More doubt can be placed on its visual interpretation of the Nexus device — it’s just the nature of the beast.

The specifications for the devices, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, have already been leaked. You can go check them out and then take a gut check of what you think we think Android Police thinks Google’s new Nexus machine will look like. We’re thinking this looks like a hybrid between HTC’s very own EVO 4G LTE or 8X phones and the One M8, if only 75 percent less inspired.

Source: Android Police

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