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It is finally here. Twitter’s web app now finally allows users to schedule tweets. Earlier, one had to rely on clients such as Tweetdeck for scheduling tweets that will be automatically tweeted at the specified time. However, do keep in mind that you can not schedule tweets for more than 18 months in advance.

While composing a tweet, just tap on the calendar icon at the bottom and select the date and time when you want your tweet to go live. The social media giant has been experimenting with this feature since last year, but has finally made it publicly available for the web app. Here’s how the feature works:

Another new feature arriving on Twitter is the ability to save a tweet as a draft. To do so, just tap on the ‘X’ button in the top left corner of the tweet composer and then select the Save button. To access your saved tweets, open the compose box and select the Drafts option at the top. But do keep in mind that drafts saved on Twitter’s web client won’t sync with the mobile app.

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