Twitter paused its verifications program three years ago “after hearing feedback that it felt arbitrary and confusing to many people.” In June, it was reported that the company has started working on bringing back the verification system and that it plans to introduce an in-app verification request. This feature was said to let users apply for account verification and get the verified badge. Now, Twitter has confirmed that the verification program will be making its comeback in early 2021.

The company says it needs to update the verification policy with the help of its users. Hence, it is starting a brief survey on the draft verification policy. In a blog post, Twitter also wrote that it is working with local non-governmental organizations and its Trust and Safety Council “to ensure as many perspectives are represented as possible.” The company will not only be providing new verification badges but it will also remove verification from inactive accounts.

Aside from verifying profiles, Twitter will also start removing verification from certain accounts.

“We’ve also added proposed criteria to automatically remove verification from an account if, for example, it’s inactive or if the profile is incomplete, as well as grounds to deny or remove verification from certain qualified accounts that are found to be in repeated violation of the Twitter Rules,” wrote the company.

It says that it recognizes that there are many verified accounts on Twitter that should not be. Hence, it plans to start by automatically removing badges from accounts that are inactive or have incomplete profiles. This will help them streamline their work and expand this to include additional types of accounts over the course of 2021.

The public feedback process has already started. It will continue until December 8 of this year. The company will then review public feedback on this policy and train its teams on this new approach. Twitter mentions that its goal is to introduce the final policy on December 17, 2020.

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