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Twitter tests warning prompt to make users rethink before replying offensively

By Nadeem Sarwar May 5, 2020, 4:00 pm

Social media, especially Twitter, can sometimes be a lot to handle. And it is such moments of rage that makes users lose control and post an offensive reply to vent out their emotions, something many people regret later. Well, Twitter will now help by making users rethink before hitting the send button on a scathing reply.

Twitter is experimenting with a warning prompt on iOS that will give users the option to revise the language in their reply if it is deemed offensive or harmful. We are yet to see how this ‘warning prompt’ will look, but Twitter will most likely rely on its bank of reported content to identify if there are any such words in the reply.


Also, just to clarify here, if you think your reply doesn’t convey anything offensive or hurtful and you’re still getting the re-think prompt, you can choose to ignore it. And if you are hellbent on venting out your rage, Twitter won’t stop you in that case either, and it won’t be deleted by Twitter unless it violates content guidelines.


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