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Twitter resumes verification requests days after stopping it

By Nadeem Sarwar June 3, 2021, 10:15 am
twitter verification

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter started accepting requests for getting your account verified and adorning it with the blue tick. And then it paused the application process after a short spell, apparently after getting buried in more verification requests than the team could handle. Well, if you’ve been eyeing the blue tick, there’s finally some good news, as the social media giant has again started accepting verification requests.

Ready to apply? Here’s something you should know. There’s now a new application system that appears right in the Account Settings section on the app or web client. But first, you need to make sure that your Twitter account is complete (has profile name and image), active (logged in within the past 6 months), secure (should have a linked email or phone number), and mustn’t have received any temporary suspension for policy violation in the past 12-months.

Now, on to the main part. Twitter has come up with categories under which your account must qualify to get the blue tick. They are:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

You will also be asked to verify your identity using a government-issued ID card, official email address, or a website. Once the category and identification hurdles have been sorted, your account must pass through certain notability criteria that decide whether you’re important or influential enough to get a verified account. Following are the notability criteria that you must fulfill in order to get a verified Twitter account:

twitter verified rules

“We know that the current verification policy may not represent all of the people who should be eligible to be verified on Twitter, so we’re planning to introduce more categories later this year, such as those for scientists, academics, and religious leaders,” the company says. You can read more about Twitter’s verification program here.

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