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In a bid to help Twitter “continue operating as a free service,” the company is rolling back a privacy setting that allowed users to control their data and whether or not it was shared with Twitter’s advertisers.

Twitter started notifying users on Wednesday which stated, “the control you have over what information Twitter shares with its business partners has changed.” To be specific, your ability to control mobile app advertising measurements has been removed. However, you can control whether to share some non-public data.

To recall, an option in Twitter’s privacy settings used to let users disable sharing some of their personal information. It’s called “share your data with Twitter’s business partners”. While the option is still present, it no more allows you to control “mobile app advertising measurements”.

However, users in Europe and the UK can still opt-out from sharing “non-public” personal information like device identifiers.

Further, a Twitter spokesperson said that the move is part of their ongoing work around transparency and control.

Recently, the company blamed issues with some of these privacy settings for missing revenue targets in 2019. The latest development is said to bring in more ad dollars.

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