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Twitter now lets more users host Spaces. Here’s a step-by-step guide to create one!

By Nadeem Sarwar March 31, 2021, 6:41 pm

Earlier this month, Twitter finally brought its audio chatroom feature called Spaces over to the Android ecosystem. But so far, the ability to create a chatroom and host a conversation has been limited to a small number of users. Well, that privilege is finally expanding to more users on both Android and iOS. The official Spaces handle on Twitter has announced that the company is adding more users to the test circle who can host a Spaces group chat. I got lucky too.

If you’re among the users in the test circle, you can follow these steps to create a Spaces audio chatroom session:

spaces twitter pocketnow 1

1. Tap on the round compose button (‘+’ icon) in the bottom right corner on the app’s homepage.
2. Select the Spaces option that appears at the top.
3. Choose a cool name for your audio chatroom and hit the pill-shaped ‘Start your space’ button.

spaces twitter pocketnow 2

4. On the next screen, you can also add a description to explain what the session is all about.
5. At the bottom, you’ll find dedicated buttons for controlling the mic, an emoji reaction button, menu button for more controls, share, and a members button that allows you to see all the participants. The latter opens a window where you can see pending requests, the list of speakers, and those who are listeners. 

spaces twitter pocketnow 3

6. You can tap the share button to invite more people to the session via a DM, or just copy and share it via a link.
7. You can also minimize the Spaces window by tapping the down arrow button. Doing so will reduce it to a horizontal bar at the bottom with just two buttons – mic control and End. In the minimized view, you can continue browsing your Twitter timeline. 

spaces twitter pocketnow 4

8. Additionally, if you lock your device, the session will keep going in the background, and you’ll see a dedicated widget for it on the lock screen.
9. And in case you switch to using another app, you can access the same two controls by pulling down the notifications shade. 


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