Twitter is making the two-factor authentication system a little more versatile. The company has announced that you can now use more than one physical security key for authentication. So far, users could only register with one security key that was used for authentication during the second stage of verification after entering the password. Following the policy change, users can now register multiple security keys across both mobile and web.

You still have to keep 2FA enabled though

The latest security protocol update is a convenient change, as it ensures that even if you lost a key, you can use the spare one lying in your drawer to log in to your account, instead of going through the whole forgot password and recovery process. You can use security keys that rely on a physical port where you plug it into your computer, or you can use those based on Bluetooth or NFC.

You can add a new security key to your Twitter account by going to the Manage Security Keys option under the Two-factor authentication section in the settings menu.  Aside from security keys, two-factor authentication also works via a text message received on your registered mobile number, or through authentication apps. You can find more information about setting up 2FA for your Twitter account here.

Soon, you’ll only need a security key for login without enabling 2FA

However, you still have to enable enter the password of your Twitter account before you can use the physical security key for logging in. However, Twitter will soon remove the first step and will allow a one-step authentication using just a security key. Twitter says it is currently working on this feature, but there is no word as to when it will roll out widely.

What this means is you no longer need to enable two-factor authentication for using security a key. Just visit the Twitter log-in page and use the security key by plugging it on your device, or pressing the button on it if it is based on Bluetooth or NFC.

A lot more to come

In the past few weeks, Twitter has also announced a slew of meaningful changes to its platform. To start, the social media platform will let anyone host a Spaces audio chatroom conversation next month onward. Additionally, the company is also working on its image cropping algorithm and will soon show images in their original orientation – both landscape or portrait wherever applicable. Additionally, a Super Follow feature is also under development that will allow users to charge others for viewing their content.

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