Twitter Lite launches in your mobile browser to save data and work on slow connections

Installing even the basic messaging and social media apps on a bloated Android smartphone with just 8 or 16GB storage space can be quite a hassle if you don’t know how to get rid of the OEMs’ and carriers’ often intrusive pre-loaded junk.

Add to the equation the fact that 45 percent of the world’s billions of mobile connections are still on sluggish 2G networks, and you’ll understand why Twitter Lite today joins the ranks of similar lightweight services from Facebook, Shazam or Skype.

What’s unique about this is that instead of downloading another app stripped down to the bone, it merely requires you visit on your smartphone or tablet. Twitter Lite isn’t going to look weird or overly simplistic at a first glance either, including everything from, well, tweets organized in a familiar timeline to DMs, trends, profiles, media uploads and notifications.

All you need to try it out starting today is an Android or iOS phone or tablet with a browser, any browser, although there are “additional features” to sample in Google Chrome and “other modern browsers on Android devices”, including push notifications.

“Resilient on unreliable mobile networks”, Twitter Lite is also “optimized for speed”, loading faster, eating up less data and even offering offline support aimed primarily at users in emerging markets across Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. The “Progressive Web App” weighs in at under 1MB, and among other ingenious functions, blurs images and previews videos before you decide to fully open them up.

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