Image: Twitter

I love Twitter. I use it to find breaking news and occasionally go on a rant about beta builds of Android. But on the flip side, there is way too much opinion on that platform, and the sheer level of toxicity can give you headaches. Now, Twitter is adding a new feature that almost no one asked for – audio tweets. (Take a few seconds and imagine the chaos!)

Twitter is currently testing a new feature on iOS that will let users record and post their tweets as an audio clip instead of texting it. Each audio tweet can be 140-second long, and in case the voice recording exceeds that limit (and it will), it will be cut and continued in the next audio tweet as a chain.

A neat touch is that audio tweets will automatically be docked into a playback bar at the bottom so that you can listen to them and keep scrolling on your timeline. Right now, this feature is limited to a small circle, but will expand to more users on the iOS platform in the coming weeks. No word on its Android arrival though.

Also, best of luck!

Source: Twitter

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