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Twitter is testing a new threaded conversation view on iOS and web

By Nadeem Sarwar May 6, 2020, 12:01 pm

Twitter conversations are a mess, especially when too many people join in and start replying to the original post as well as the comments beneath it. To ease some of that confusion, the social media giant has started testing a new threaded conversation layout that will make it easier to follow a Twitter discussion and discern who is talking to whom.

The new conversation layout is currently being tested on iOS and web, and it uses lines to show replies connected to a particular tweet. Moreover, if you’ve responded to a reply, those two will be shown connected by a line, so that viewers can easily discern who your response was addressed to.

Here’s how the new layout appears:

Clicking on a tweet in threaded view will expand it so that users can respond to it with ease, and without any scope of error. Also, the like, retweet, and reply icons for a ‘reply’ will be hidden unless you tap on that response. We know, this sounds confusing. But here’s how it looks:

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